Emacs Mode for Sublime Text 2

For quite some time now, I’ve been using Sublime Text 2 as my daily editor and I have to admit I’m really happy with this choice. The only thing that was bothering me, was that while the keyboard shortcuts are extensive they did not match my preferred way. Basically what I was missing was a possibility to use the Emacs shortcuts that I know and love.

Since I heard that nothing is easier than extending Sublime with more features and even easily publish packages using the awesome package manager Package Control. So I sat down and looked for possible inspirations. I found some in one of the projects of Brian and started extending what was there. Quickly, I was able to bring most of my day-to-day requirements to Sublime. What is working now, can almost be described as a useful subset of Emacs features.

  • Kill line, region … with kill ring. All the sugar you love with a nice UI with M-w, C-w, C-y
  • Yank with free choice from kill ring using fancy overlay: Just press C-Y to access the kill ring and search for your last copy and pastie
  • Rectangular cut and insert using C-x r t and C-x r d
  • Named registers to store data using C-x r s [register] and C-x r i [register]
  • Open a new line by C+o
  • Find file at point M-x f f a p opens the file your current cursor points to
  • Automatic mode detection like it’s done in Emacs using prefixes -- c++ --
  • And many more .

If this sounds interesting for you and you always wanted to give Sublime a spin, but feared to loose all your Emacs skills go ahead and install sublemacspro from Package Control or checkout the sources directly from Github.